“To live smarter, more sustainable lives is something we all want. REDUIT can help make that a reality, without the compromise.”

Paul Peros, CEO and Founder #1

When Paul Peros first came with the idea for REDUIT in his home of Neuchatel, Switzerland, it was after a meeting on how micro-technologies could target medicines more precisely.  

Working in the beauty industry, Paul immediately saw how these principles could be extended beyond medicine alone. And so he began to research more efficient ways of delivering haircare, skincare and make-up solutions, with the goal of enhancing effectiveness and reducing waste.

As he discovered, many companies had explored this technology, but none took it further. The reason was simple: for business, it’s better if customers buy more products, not less.

Paul saw a different way. Teaming up with a group of like-minded investors and research centers across Switzerland and Australia, “Project REDUIT” began. Recent trials have shown huge improvement in the application of active ingredients, and it’s now almost time to release the concept to the world.

The goal today is to sign up 1000 Founders by January 2020. With such support, REDUIT has the opportunity to turn the world of beauty on its head, and prove to everyone that people will support a brand that tries to do differently.

If you feel the same, help us continue this journey and become a Founder. A smarter, more sustainable future is just a few steps away.