25 October 2019, Neuchatel, Switzerland: Most famous global brands point to the genius of one or three founders, who in the early days set them on a path for success. Yet new Swiss beauty brand REDUIT plans on doing things differently, not least through an open invitation for 1000 Founders to join its cause before January 2020.

REDUIT has launched an open appeal to beauty professionals and enthusiasts willing to lend their opinions and expertise in building their brand. In return, the Founders will get access to product designs in advance to give their feedback, with REDUIT sharing up to 200,000 USD of products among Founders who get involved.

As Paul Peros, the new REDUIT CEO, explains: 

“Imagine your beauty products could be so precisely targeted and applied to your body, that it would take a fraction of the ingredient to get a better result. That’s something that simply doesn’t exist right now – and brings huge benefits for your lifestyle, your beauty routine, and the environment. Of course, customers buying and using less product is bad for business in theory which is why we’re reaching out for support. We’re not seeking money, we’re looking for creativity and enthusiasm, for people eager to share their ideas and explore a better future together.

REDUIT describes itself simply as “The Precision Beauty Company.” Conceived in Neuchatel, Switzerland it also leans on a rich heritage of watchmaking and microtechnology, something that Peros explains will be pivotal to their success:

“When you mention Switzerland, everyone thinks watches, chocolates and… microtechnologies, no? But on a serious note, this microtech industry is hugely impactful in ways many people don’t even realize. What’s exciting is that we’ll be the first to properly harness this superpower across the beauty sector. In short, we can offer dramatically superior and more focused solutions, with greatly reduced waste.

REDUIT currently has dedicated backing from a world-renowned board of industry experts, alongside established global research and tech centers through Switzerland and Australia that have developed drug delivery technologies since 2004. Approaching a beauty industry characterized by consumables and wasteful practices, REDUIT is set on raising the bar for at-home beauty solutions that deliver on the promise of reducing the unnecessary, while enhancing results and experiences.

Peros and his team are convinced that with their bold appeal to sign-up 1000 Founders over the coming months, they have the potential to transform the beauty device market that was estimated at being worth in excess of 30 billion US dollars last year. 

The first REDUIT products will be unveiled in early 2020. To sign up as a Founder, here.